Wentors’ We-Discover Mentorship Program

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The We-Discover Mentorship Program

The We-Discover program is Wentors’ largest mentorship program launched annually to mark International Women’s Day and to contribute our quota to the change that will inevitably happen in the world. The build-up to this program annually starts from January through Black History Month; February and into March, the month for International Women’s Day.

Who’s it for?

The We-Discover mentorship program is for women across every continent in the world. The pilot edition recorded 2300+ women in technology across 4 continents of the world. The program is designed for women in technology who:

  • are transitioning into the technology industry
  • are recent graduates or in their final year in college or university.
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What are its peculiarities?

  • a minimum of an hour conversation with your wentor/wentee
  • soft skill training sessions from top industry experts
  • an opportunity to foster a lifelong relationship with a fellow woman in technology.
  • cross-cultural networking opportunities, etc.
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How can you be a part of the program?

You can join the program as either a wentor (mentor) or wentee (mentee).

  • able to offer at least 1-hour of her time over the run time of the program
  • passionate about women in technology
  • willing to give back, scratch that, pay it forward.

Why are we doing this?

It’s simple.

Unoma Adeyemi, Co-founder, Wentors

What next?

Nothing much.



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