Wentors Launches the We-Accelerate Cohort

3 min readOct 11, 2021


The International Women’s Day (IWD)Mentorship Cohort that launched on March 8, 2021 would be the first mentorship cohort in the new year and the second official mentorship cohort by Wentors.

We had planned to provide mentorship for 1000 women in technology, though we on boarded over 1000 women for the mentorship cohort, only about 35% were actively mentored. The ratio of mentor to mentee was greatly imbalance and our program is structured to ensure the best out of each mentorship relationship, hence a mentor can only be paired to a maximum of two mentees.

The IWD cohort is structured to cater for entry level women in technology and those seeking to transition into the industry. Being our largest mentorship program so far, the goal is to provide adequate guidance to entry level women in technology as well as provide answers and cater to the needs of women who want to transition into the industry. We are set to do an even larger edition of the IWD cohort come March 8. 2022.

However, during the cohort, we hosted three major soft skill trainings — a training on impostor syndrome, personal branding and communications. These skills we are well aware are pivotal in a woman’s career in technology and even across other industries. These trainings were open to all, inclusive of the 1000 women we onboarded for the IWD cohort and those already present in our community from our pilot mentorship cohort launched in the last quarter of 2020. These trainings were accessible to over 1000 women in the community and is still accessible to new members joining our community.

Friday October 8, 2021, we launched another mentorship cohort — this one targeted at mid-level women in technology and those gunning for middle management roles — the We-Accelerate Mentorship Cohort. This is a smaller cohort in term of capacity and length. The cohort designed to last for 4 weeks is a drill down on all the participants would need to perform exceptionally well in their roles as mid-level women in technology. We would be leveraging the knowledge and experience of fellow women in the industry with 10+ years of working experience who would serve as mentors for this cohort. We are focused on enabling these women properly hack their growth trajectory and maximize their time as mid-level executives leveraging soft skills such as story telling to position themselves for bigger opportunities in the industry.

Shot taken from our opening call.

If you thought feedback from the IWD (We-Discover) cohort was amazing, then buckle up as we anticipate the close of this cohort.

EduAbasi Chukwunweike and Unoma Adeyemi — our cofounders — and the team at Wentors are fully invested in the mission to build an ecosystem that nurtures and caters for women in technology through mentorship and our bold ambition is to have provided mentorship to 8 million women across the world by 2030.

So far, we’ve provided mentorship to over 500 women across four continents of the world — Europe, Africa, and the Americas — and we are not slowing down in our drive to contribute positively to the rate of participation and retention of women in technology.

If it’s a small but rapidly growing diverse community of women in technology you’re seeking out, then Wentors is that community for you. And if ever you’re in search of a place to actively give back and make room for even more women in technology, then we welcome you to the Wentors community.




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