Wentors announces partnership with Coding Black Females to promote participation of young black women in technology through mentorship.

2 min readFeb 3, 2023


Wentors, a global organization created to nurture women in technology, has recently announced a partnership with Coding Black Females (CBF), a non-profit organization aimed at increasing the representation of African women in technology. The partnership is aimed at promoting the participation of African women in Wentors’ upcoming mentorship program, which is designed to provide opportunities for mentorship, upskilling and career growth in the tech industry.

This collaboration between Wentors and CBF highlights the commitment of both organizations to close the gender divide in technology and to create a more diverse and inclusive tech community. CBF’s mission is to empower African women and girls to explore, learn, and excel in technology and STEM fields. Wentors, on the other hand, has been working towards creating an inclusive workplace culture and providing opportunities for underrepresented groups to enter and succeed in the tech industry.

The mentorship program hosted by Wentors will provide African women with access to experienced professionals and industry experts who will serve as mentors and provide guidance and support in their tech careers. Participants will also have the opportunity to network with other women in tech, gain hands-on experience, and receive training on the latest technologies and industry trends.

Anita Okonweze, Program Coordinator at Wentors made a comment concerning the partnership with BCF, she said,

The partnership with CBF is an important step in Wentors’ efforts to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the tech industry. We recognize that technology plays a critical role in shaping our future, and it is crucial that the industry represents and reflects the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of society. By partnering with CBF, Wentors is taking concrete steps to address the gender gap in technology and to support the career growth and success of African women in the field.

Anita Okonweze, Program Coordinator, Wentors

In conclusion, the partnership between Wentors and Coding Black Females is a significant step towards creating a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. The mentorship program hosted by Wentors will provide African women with the support and resources they need to advance in the industry, while CBF’s commitment to empowering African women in technology will help to close the gender divide in the industry.

The vision of both organizations is to see more women in technology and to create a community where everyone has the opportunity to access more opportunities in tech.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please visit Wentors’ website www.wentors.com to join the mentorship waitlist. The deadline to apply is February 23, 2023.

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