We Discover Cohort— Empowering Women in Tech Through Mentorship

2 min readJan 18, 2024

Breaking into the tech industry can be challenging, especially for women with limited experience, given the industry’s rapid pace of change.

Recognizing this gap, Wentors, a global community supporting women in tech, proudly introduces WE-DISCOVER.

This 6-week mentorship program is specifically designed to equip women with 0–2 years of experience, recent graduates, or those transitioning into tech, providing the skills, guidance, and opportunities needed to succeed.

WE-DISCOVER COHORTS: Tailored for Your Success

We-Learn: Boost Your Skills

If you’re eager to enhance your knowledge and confidence in tech, the We-Learn track is perfect for you. Access online courses, workshops, webinars, and resources covering the latest in-demand skills and technologies. From coding languages to project management, WE-LEARN ensures you are well-prepared for the dynamic tech landscape.

We-Wentor: Guided Support

In the We-WENTOR track, you get to connect with experienced and successful women in tech who are ready to mentor and inspire you. Benefit from personalized guidance, advice, and a mentorship journey aligned with your career goals. Enjoy networking opportunities with like-minded mentees and mentors who share your passion for making an impact in the tech industry.

We-Work: Launch Your Career

For those seeking work or internship opportunities, the We-WORK cohort is your gateway to the tech industry. WE-WORK connects you with employers and recruiters actively seeking talented and diverse women in tech. Receive support in refining your resume, portfolio, and interview preparation to make a lasting impression on potential employers.

Sounds awesome, right? But there’s more:

Join the WE-DISCOVER Movement: Impacting 1,000 Women in Tech

The goal of We-Discover is to impact a minimum of 1,000 women in tech across different regions. By joining this program, you will not only get the skills, guidance, and opportunities you need, but you will also become part of a global community of women who are changing the world with tech.

How to Apply

Registration for WE-DISCOVER opens on February 2nd and closes on February 23rd, 2024. Don’t miss your chance to discover your potential and achieve your dreams as a woman in tech. Visit the Wentors website now and be part of the WE-DISCOVER movement — where mentorship meets opportunity, and women in tech thrive.

PS: Don’t miss out on any information by joining our community using this link — http://bit.ly/Wentors-Community right away!




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