Join the Ranks of Africa’s Tech Pioneers with Wentors & She Loves Tech!

3 min readMay 6, 2024


Have you ever thought of what it takes to turn a spark into a wildfire? It starts with a dream, a vision for the future, and the courage to reach for the stars.

Now imagine a platform that’s about growth and revolutionizing the tech landscape, a mentorship that will catapult you into endless possibilities.

That’s where Wentors FoundHer mentorship steps in, a launchpad for female founders who are ready to soar and transform your dreams into realities.

Now, partnered with She Loves Tech for the largest global competition for women in tech in Africa. Together with WENTORS, they’re scouting for the best of the best in Africa. They’re looking for startups that are good and groundbreaking.

You get matched with mentors who’ve been there, done that. To be advisors and allies, to help you polish your pitch, understand your market, and stand out in a crowd.

And when it’s time to shine at the She Loves Tech global competition, you won’t just be another participant, rather a force to be reckoned with. You’re the one with a story that grips the audience, a solution that wows the judges, and a presence that’s unforgettable.

So, what’s stopping you? If you’re a female founder with a startup that could change the tech scene, it’s time to step up. WENTORS FoundHer mentorship is your ticket to the big leagues. Apply, pitch, and let the world see what you’re made of.

This is your chance to pitch your idea on a global platform and compete for the highly sought-after 5Cs.

🏆 Cash Prizes: US$20K and a Trip to Singapore

🏦 Capital: Priority Investments worth USD$150K

🌐 Coverage: Extensive media exposure and networking opportunities

🤝 Connections: Access to investors and corporate partners

🌍 Community: Join a network of gender lens startups driving change

Join the 10th anniversary Global Startup Competition of She Loves Tech if you are:

👉a tech startup with an MVP, and have raised less than US$5M,

👉at least one female founder or majority female consumers/end-users.

It’s your moment to shine with your innovative startup. Network with investors, mentors, and media experts, and vie for prizes valued at up to $500,000!

There’s more! All regional finalists will receive a complimentary All-Access Pass (valued up to 300 SGD) to the She Loves Tech Global Conference, providing access to a wealth of knowledge and connections.

Are you in? Because this is your moment. Grab it with both hands and make history.

Every giant leap begins with a single, bold step, so make yours today.

🔗 Send your application here: and join the Wentors community:

We are rooting for you at Wentors!




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