FoundHer Startup Accelerator Program for Women-led Startups

Wentors is empowering women-led startups across the Middle East and Africa in partnership with Plug and Play and Get Funded Africa.

3 min readNov 8, 2022

The FoundHer program is a women-focused accelerator program designed to empower women-led startups across the Middle East and Africa. Wentors as a community is sold out on the belief that we can see a lot more women in the technology industry. This belief is the reason behind a lot of our initiatives as a company, FoundHer being one of them.

The FoundHer program happens to be a flagship program as we look towards a future where we will have startups out of the program create enabling environments for women in technology to thrive amongst other things.

In a conversation about the FoundHer project, EduAbasi Chukwuweike, CEO of Wentors said,

“Think of Wentors as a root that has different branches, and up until now we’ve been working out a particular branch and the particular branch has been career-centric. But now we’re going to extend and we’re going to extend our muscle to touch other branches and one of those branches answers the question, how do we get in a lot more women-founded technology company?”

Reportedly, Tech is the wheels moving Nigeria and when we focus the lenses on the development of economies across the world, we notice a significant contribution from the tech industry. However, the question remains, how many, out of the numerous startups in the tech ecosystem are women-led?

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In a report by Harvard Business Review, it shows that in 2020, only 2.3% of VC funding was received by women led startups. This is the reason we decided to launch the FoundHer Startup Accelerator Program, to focus more intently on female-led startups across the world, specifically, the Middle East and Africa.

For this years’ program, we are partnered with Plug and Play, Get Funded Africa and Sterling Bank Nigeria to ensure these startups gain access to a 100,000 Euros worth of seed funding, access to a global pool of mentors and investors in addition to participation in a specialized mentorship program designed for startup founders.

If in the coming years, we have 100 soonicorns coming out of the African continent, we want that out of that number, at least 10% are women led. We are positioning ourselves to assist women-led businesses raise money and increase valuation.

The bigger mandate for us as a company is to continually invest in women-led businesses, and be a part of their success story.

Wentors is a global community of women in technology focused on nurturing women in technology through its mentorship programs and skillup initiatives.

With members across 5 continents of the world and a global pool of partners, it positions itself as a vital contributor to the success stories of women in tech across Africa and other regions of the world.

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