Empowering Women Globally through a Structured Learning Experience

3 min readMay 24, 2023

Wentors and Datacamp partner to equip women with skills in Data Science

In an inspiring collaboration between DataCamp and Wentors, the DataCamp Scholarship Program for Women in Technology has marked a significant milestone, successfully completing three out of twelve months. This program aims to empower women by providing them with the necessary skills, support, and mentorship to thrive in the fast-paced world of technology in line with Data science. As we reflect upon the achievements of the program thus far, we celebrate the remarkable success stories and the profound impact it has had on its participants.

Throughout the past three months, we’ve had 50 women engage in a virtual learning bootcamp where they have delved into a wide range of data related courses and industry practices through DataCamp’s comprehensive online learning platform. From programming languages like Python and R to data visualization, machine learning, and data analysis, the program has equipped these talented individuals with the tools needed to excel in the tech industry.

However, the DataCamp Scholarship Program for Women in Technology is not just about technical skills. It recognizes the importance of mentorship and support in fostering personal and professional growth. This is where Wentors, a leading mentoring platform, has played a pivotal role. By connecting participants with experienced mentors in the tech industry, Wentors has provided invaluable guidance and encouragement to these aspiring data technologists.

The success stories emerging from the program are truly remarkable. Eyesiere Hope, a program participant, came from a non-technical background but dreamt of pursuing a career in data science.

Eyesiere Hope

Through the DataCamp Scholarship Program, she not only acquired the necessary technical skills but also received personalized support where needed. Today, Hope has gained practical experience learning Python.

Another participant, Faith Lucky, an active learner in the program received an exclusive pass into a Chat GPT training session for her exceptional progress in the program. Here, the learners were exposed to the rudiments of how to leverage AI tools including ChatGPT, and Midjourney.

All participants, with the support of the program coordinator, have been able to experience an inclusive and engaging learning experience.

The program coordinator, Anita Okonweze, shares her enthusiasm about the program’s success thus far. “The DataCamp Scholarship Program for Women in Technology has been nothing short of impactful. Witnessing the personal and professional growth of these talented women is incredibly rewarding. We have seen them overcome challenges, embrace new opportunities, and build lasting connections within the industry.

Anita further emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, saying, “We firmly believe that by empowering women and breaking down barriers, we are not only enriching the tech industry but also driving innovation and creativity. The success stories we see emerging from this program demonstrate the immense potential that exists within underrepresented groups.”

As the program enters its next phase, the remaining nine months hold the promise of further growth, learning, and accomplishment. With the continuous support of DataCamp and Wentors, these women are poised to make their mark in the industry and inspire future generations of female tech professionals.

We believe this program stands as a shining example of how collaborations and mentorship can empower women to excel in the technology field. By providing comprehensive training, mentorship, and support, this program is breaking down barriers and fostering an inclusive tech community. As we celebrate the success of the first three months, we eagerly look forward to witnessing the achievements that lie ahead for these talented women.




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