Building relationships beyond borders

3 min readApr 16, 2023

In today’s globalized world, building relationships beyond borders has become more crucial than ever. With the ease of communication and transportation, people have the opportunity to connect with individuals from different parts of the world. One of the most important relationships that can be built across borders is mentorship. Mentorship relationships can provide a wealth of benefits to both parties involved, including personal and professional growth, cultural exchange, and empowerment.

Mentorship relationships involve a mentor who has knowledge, skills, and experience, sharing their expertise with a mentee who seeks guidance and advice. While mentorship relationships have been around for centuries, the advent of technology has made it possible to build these relationships across borders. The Internet has made it easier to connect with people from different parts of the world, regardless of their location.

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At Wentors, we are leveraging the power of mentorship to empower women across borders. Wentors is a mentorship community that connects women in technology from different parts of the world. Our mission is to build a community of women in technology who nurture each other.

Wentors’ mentorship program is designed to connect mentees with experienced mentors in their field of interest. Mentors provide guidance, advice, and support to mentees to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Mentees have the opportunity to learn from mentors who have faced similar challenges and overcome them, and who can provide valuable insights into the industry.

The benefits of mentorship relationships go beyond personal and professional growth. Cross-border mentorship relationships provide an opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding. Mentees and mentors can learn about different cultures, customs, and practices, and gain a broader perspective on the world. This cultural exchange can help break down stereotypes and promote empathy and understanding between people from different parts of the world.

Building cross-border mentorship relationships can also contribute to the development of global networks. Mentees and mentors can connect with other professionals in their field from different parts of the world, expanding their networks and opening up opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.

In this year’s International Women’s Day mentorship cohort, we had the opportunity to power over 50 mentorship relationships while creating a platform for many more women to learn via our Datacamp partnership, ALX, Flapmax and Tech4Dev partnerships.

Putting the focus on our 2023 IWD cohort, we have seen a remarkable improvement from the past cohorts which is evident in the feedback we have gathered from some of the participants of the cohort.

It’s a tradition at Wentors to ensure after each cohort, mentees write a note of thanks highlighting the impact of the relationship they had with their mentors.

In this cohort, we had very heartwarming feedback that broke some members of the team into tears.

Everlyne Wangui wrote to her mentor,

I am writing this note to you to say how grateful I am for the mentorship you have given me ever since we met. Having the opportunity to learn from you has made a very big change not only to my career but also to my life in general. When we first met, “Thanks to the Wentors Programme “I never imagined that I would be able to make as much progress as I have. Thank you for guiding me towards the right path.

Your Perseverance, integrity and people- loving nature are just a few of the qualities that you have and that will continue to inspire me. You did a great job teaching me what I needed to know in order to become a great professional in my career.

I appreciate you so much and value everything that I have learned from you. I only hope that I can return this favor sometimes in the future.

We are deliberate about breaking down barriers and promoting cross-border relationships, leading to a more connected and inclusive world.




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