“I believe my journey would have been a bit better if I have had a mentor early on in my career”.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity, it came at a time when I was at a crossroads and really needed to figure out the path to follow in IT. Now, with the guidance of my wentor, Itohan, I have certainly gained more clarity. All thanks to Wentors for this amazing opportunity. I am immensely grateful. 😊🙏”

I deeply appreciate Wentors for giving women a platform to interact with other female experts in their various fields. I especially thank my mentor, Janan for her time and advice. I intend to keep in touch with her even after the program is over.

Thank you for a truly developing journey to learn and believe more in me!

It was truly an amazing experience mentoring Wentees on this journey. They both are very dedicated, hardworking and there is definitely a spark in them. I would be happy to recommend them or help them in future as well.



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