Accelerating Growth, Building Networks, and Unleashing Potential in the World of Technology

3 min readMay 25, 2023

The Wentors Tech4Dev Women’s Bootcamp comes to an end.

With a resounding success, the Tech4Dev 3-Week Bootcamp for women in technology has concluded its transformative journey, leaving an indelible mark on the tech industry. This dynamic initiative, organized by Tech4Dev, has paved the way for women to thrive by equipping them with essential skills, fostering collaboration, and igniting innovation. As we reflect on the astounding achievements of the bootcamp, we celebrate the inspiring success stories and the invaluable insights shared by the passionate program coordinators.

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Over the course of three exhilarating weeks, women from different niches in the industry immersed themselves in a cutting-edge curriculum that spanned across 5 core tracks in technology — Program Management, Product Management, Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Cloud Engineering.

The bootcamp acted as a launchpad for these ambitious individuals to harness their technical prowess. Through hands-on projects, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking discussions, participants acquired invaluable practical experience and nurtured a forward-thinking mindset.

At Tech4Dev, they recognize that professional growth is multifaceted, extending beyond technical expertise. Hence, the bootcamp emphasized the power of collaboration, leadership, and effective communication. By participating in dynamic team-based projects and engaging networking events, participants not only expanded their professional networks but also forged lifelong connections with industry leaders and mentors. This holistic approach to training ensures that women emerge not only as skilled professionals but also as resilient leaders ready to shape the tech landscape.

The success stories that emerged from the Tech4Dev bootcamp are nothing short of extraordinary. Meet Beryl Akinyi, a determined participant who joined the bootcamp to further developer her skills in programming. When quizzed on how the program was for her, she had this to say, “From what I have experienced in the bootcamp, is a high caliber training that suits both experienced and not experienced students, which is really top notched”.

Beryl Akinyi

Throughout the intensive training and with the unwavering support of experienced mentors, we are confident Beryl has not only improved, but has also leveraged this opportunity to build and improve her social network. Her remarkable journey epitomizes the transformative power of the bootcamp in turning dreams into reality.

Dorathy Simeon

Dorathy Simeon, Lead Program Cordinator at Wentors who managed interaction with the participants from our community spoke about the bootcamp in a conversation. She said, “The Tech4Dev bootcamp has been an electrifying journey of growth, innovation, and collaboration. Witnessing the tenacity and brilliance of these women has been truly awe-inspiring. The camaraderie and support that blossomed within the bootcamp community have laid the foundation for lifelong connections and future collaborations that will propel our participants towards unparalleled success.”

She went on to emphasize the pivotal role of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, stating, “By empowering women and providing them equal opportunities, we are reshaping the tech industry and fueling groundbreaking innovation. The triumphant stories that have emerged from the bootcamp are a testament to the extraordinary talent and untapped potential that lies within women in technology.”

As the bootcamp graduates venture forth armed with newfound skills, unwavering confidence, and an expansive network, the ripple effect of Wentors and Tech4Dev’s impact is set to reverberate throughout the industry.




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